Comprehensive product structures and outputs to meet clients’ diverse needs.

It can provide users with real-time, reliable, accurate, and continuous linear displacement signals under harsh working environments, and is widely used in metallurgical equipment, wind power equipment, construction machinery, rubber machinery, port machinery, energy, and other industrial automation fields.

Infrared detectors

  • WLO+WLP enables a lower-cost integration solution
  • Weightas light as 3g, power consumption as low as 9mW
  • Simple Development, Fast Integration
  • Universal DVP data output interface
  • Multiple Optical Lenses,Covering wide-angle/telephoto/ultra-telephoto lenses and various focusing modes
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Infrared module

  • The wafer level optical lens, wafer level packaged detector, and micro electromagnetic valve shutter can accurately obtain temperature data and heat distribution of the target area or point
  • Ultra miniature body structure, ultra-low cost expenditure, can be easily integrated into various mobile terminals or smart devices with strict requirements for cost, size, and weight
  • WLO+WLP achieves a lower cost integration solution, with a weight of up to 1.3g and a power consumption as low as 9mW
  • Covering different lenses such as wide-angle, telephoto, and ultra telephoto, with multiple focusing methods
  • Simple development and fast integration,Universal DVP data output interface
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Infrared movement

  • WLP detector+dedicated ASIC image processing, lower integration cost
  • The bare chip is as light as 9.1g and the power consumption is as low as 0.7W
  • High sensitivity, typical NETD:<40mK
  • New generation image algorithm overlay processing such as NUC/3DNR/DNS/DRC/EE
  • USB2.0/DVP/LVDS multi-mode image output interface, RAW/YUV image data output, serial port control
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