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Magnetostrictive Linear Position Sensors RF-SSI

Typecode: RF
Superior performance rod position sensors for demanding applications
  • Suitable for long-stroke cylinder applications
  • Easy to diagnose, LED indicator status indication
  • Not limited by installation space
  • Non-wear, non-contact measurement method
  • Rugged and fully enclosed design
  • Linear measurement, absolute value output
  • Curly packaging saves space, packaging and transportation costs
Magnetostrictive Linear Position Sensors RF-SSI
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Key Features

Output: SSI

Measuring length: 500~23000

Repeat accuracy: <±0.001% of full scale, min ±1µm
Non-linearity: <±0.01% of full scale, min ±50 µm
Operating voltage Ub: +24Vdc ± 20%
Ambient temperature: -40℃ ~ +105℃
Mechanical configuration: Fastening M20 threads, Fastening M18 threads, Fastening 3/4" threads
Housing material: Aluminum alloy
IP rating: IP67 for RH/IP65 for RP
Approval/Conformity: CE